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            R-Series V

            Position Sensors for Industrial Applications

            Temposonics? position sensors for industrial applications are developed for external mounting or in-cylinder applications where the electronics can be external. Stroke lengths are available from 25 mm - 20 m. The sensors offer analog output or dual output (position and velocity) with SSI, DeviceNet, CANbus, Profibus, Ethernet IP and Ethercat interface. High quality displacement and velocity signals enable superior control. Different sensor models and options (e.g. multi-position measurement, redundant sensors, ATEX-approval) meet every need - from high precision measurement tasks to simple standard applications. 

            Position Sensors for Mobile Hydraulics

            Temposonics? position sensor for mobile machinery are specifically designed for direct stroke measurement in hydraulic cylinders. They increase the machine's productivity, automate recurring operation sequences and reduce maintenance and downtime. Even in harsh environments, at high temperature or high pressure they work reliably and maintenance-free. Stroke lengths range from 50 mm - 5000 mm and outputs include CANbus, J1939, scaled PWM and analog interfaces. Redundant models or SIL2 sensors grant maximum safety for critical applications.

            Liquid Level Transmitters

            Level Plus? liquid level transmitters are designed for automatic tank gauging of aboveground and underground storage tanks. Level Plus transmitters feature 3-IN-1 measurement of the product level, interface, and temperature through a single tank opening. Measuring multiple process variables from one sensor provides for a lower installed costs compared to alternative level technologies.

            PCB Group, Inc. was acquired by MTS Systems Corporation in July 2016.

            Jun 09

            MTS Sensors Adds Digital Output Options to Serviceable Linear Position Sensors for Hydraulic Cylinders

            MTS Sensors today announced the expansion of its MH Threaded externally installed magnetostrictive l...

            May 26

            Temposonics R-Series V sensors now available with analog (voltage/current) output

            MTS Sensors announces the addition of analog outputs to its fifth generation of Temposonics R-Series...

            Apr 30

            The new generation of R-Series is now available with integral cable options

            Expanding upon its previous release of R-Series V with Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI), MTS now o...


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